What is Masters Swimming?

The word Masters was first applied to adults who participated in track and field and was later adopted in organized adult swimming. In swimming, Masters simply means 25 and older regardless of the swim backgrounds. It usually consists of former competitive swimmers who wish to get back in shape, adults from cross discipline sports (running, cycling, etc), professional workers, and many other different adults to senior people who wish to have a healthy lifestyle and safest and lifelong sports.

Do I need to competitive to be a Masters swimmer?

No. When organized adult swimming started to become popular in the 1960s and 70s—the early years of Masters Swimming become popular in the U.S (US Masters Swimming)—the intent was that adults would swim to stay in shape. But early organizers knew that some adults would want to compete, so it is offered. The greater percentage of Masters swimmers members does not compete

I'm not fast swimmer (or just start learn to swim)

This is something a lot of Masters Club hears. However, most Masters coaches and swimmers don’t care how fast you are. In nearly every program, there are others of similar ability, or those who started where you are (learn to swim, healthy lifestyle) and have improved. Don’t let your perceived ability, or lack thereof, hold you back. Although it’s important to have a physical examination before starting any exercise routine, you don’t need to be in shape to start Masters swimming—Masters swimming program will help you get there. As a new swimmer, or someone returning after a long absence, you must be prepared for a challenge—especially to your lungs. Breathe often! Do not try to impress yourself or others by holding your breath, or your workout will be over very soon. Swim smart and build up your endurance over time. It can take up to six months before you can make the workouts as written—even for skilled athletes who have endurance in other sports—swimming is different. Give yourself plenty of time, enjoy your new friends, and communicate any concerns to your coach. As swimming maybe the only sports that you can do for the rest of your life since it offers: Lowest impact cardio activities, soft sports for the senior adults and yet, it gives you lots of positive benefits for your overall health conditions.

Masters Swimming in Indonesia

Although there are many mainstream competitive clubs in Indonesia, There is only few even almost to none Masters Swim activities in Indonesia. In 2011, the first masters swim club established in Indonesia is JAQ Masters and later on called INAMasters Swim (IM). IM consists of much different variety of masters swimmers backgrounds: Expatriates, Professional workers, former athletes, triathletes, household moms, college graduates, etc. The main objectives are not solely to compete; instead it gives an opportunity and access for healthy lifestyle activities which now becoming a trend in the communities. In addition to that, Masters Swimming will also create a new venture of networks among its members, friendships and social activities that can also benefited the community that involves in it.

Masters Swimming Programs

Learn To Swim

For those who wish to start learn to swim, there is no such thing as “TOO LATE” in swimming. No matter how old you are, swimming is always “learned-able” at anytime with proper and structured programs available nowadays. You will learn the basic water safety to begin with, basic breathing techniques, and introduction to basic freestyle (crawl) stroke. Many Masters swimmers who never had swimming experience before, they become fluent in 4 strokes since joined the program.

Lap Swimming – Cardio – Enduro Program

In this program, Masters swimmers can enjoy the privilege of having a group workout within the equal levels of capabilities in the same lanes, pace each other during sets. This program is suitable for those who wish to stay in shape for open water, triathlon and to maintain certain fitness level for staying healthy.

Group/Community/Corporate Program

This program is suitable for a group of swimmers who wish to start a specific pruogram. It can be designed and customized according to the group objectives at anytime.

Community challenges and Programs

There are various sports communities that spreading fast for the past few years in Indonesia. Named like runners, cyclist, triathletes and other sports communities and groups had grown fast. Hence, Masters swimming program will be a good alternative for these groups and communities for a x-training programs since swimming offers the least impact activities in the water. It also provides a soft recovery programs for those runners, cyclists in recovey from their injuries. There will be Masters Swim Open challenge that invites all sport communities in Indonesia and regions nearby, this solely to create fun-friendships, healthy- lifestyle environments to all.

How Can I Get Involved?

Ask at your local pool or contact