About Us


With one vision in mind to encourage more adults to lead healthy life styles through swimming, a few former national swimming champions and professionals officially created a swim community for adults, INAMasters Swimming in 2013.  It stands for International Aquatic Masters Swimming.

Inspired by what’s going on in the US and the region, we have tried and tested this concept in our swimming club since 2006, until we officially launched it in 2013. In the US, master swimming began in the 70’s and inspired by Masters Track and Field. Masters swimming in general and specifically in the US is to promote fitness; friendship and fun among adults age of 25 and above. Competitions are merely individual option and suggested as a benchmark to set personal goals.

Having learned the above, we finally launched it by inviting professionals and various communities in Jakarta to join INAMasters first free trial session on Saturday morning, January 19, 2013. – (Although INAMasters were originally initiated in early 2009 by few ex swimmers and also professionals) There were 20 turned up for the trial, and each came with different objectives; a few were preparing for open water and triathlon events, while others wanting to learn how to swim better and some just are committed to staying fit through swimming.  These apparently fit into the programs that we are offering: a. Learn to Swim, b. Swim for Fitness, and c. Open Water & Competitive.

Over a year, the number of our members has grown from 20 to 50 now and varied from local masters swimmers to expats to join our programs. Every Saturday morning, at 5.45 – 7.30AM, about up to 50 swimmers come to practice swimming in 50M pool and to do core muscle floor workout.

We eventually participated in masters swimming competition in 2013 as the first Masters community in Indonesia. First was Singapore Masters Swimming Championship in October and earned 8 Golds, 3 Silvers, 1 Bronze. Second was Penang Masters Speedo Championship in December and grabbed 2 Golds, 12 Silvers, 4 Bronzes. The teams consisted of former national swimmers and regular swimmers combined. We travel, swim, make friends to expand our network of friendships and dine out to taste the famous local culinary.

With this spirit of swimming for fitness, friendship and fun, we would like to spread the wave and encourage more adults to swim. INAMasters swimmers will be participating in HongKong Short Course Masters Swimming Competition on Saturday,  March 2, 2014. As part of the Masters spirit, team INAM consist of different swimmers background and activities

“Some of us had been involved in competitive swimming for years ago, now, we are competing against ourselves to stay fit, making friends and having fun. Our team consists of newly learned swimmers, runners, cyclist, doctor, lawyer, and else. Swimming is a universal sport; Ageless and everyone can learn how to swim.

Age is nothing, All Can Swim – Wisnu Wardhana, INAMasters Executive Head Coach, Former Pro-Swimmer, Banking & Financial Industry

“We are in competition with no one. We swim our own race; we have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone, in any way, shape or form. We just aim to improve, to be better than we were before. That’s us, and we are Free while we swim”